Seasoned CIDESCO licensed skin care specialist, Massage Therapist and Herbalist Katie Woods is the founder of Ritual Skincare and specializes in advanced facial massage. After honing her craft at a local spa for many years she decided to create her own skincare haven with a service menu and products that reflect her unique studies and experiences throughout her career. 


Katie’s individualized approach considers the many factors that make up your unique ecosystem: diet, lifestyle, and environment. In each session, Katie incorporates a variety of efficacy-driven and sustainably-sourced products to support and encourage the skins natural functioning. With this, she pairs a variety of massage techniques to enhance skin rejuvenation, product efficacy and lastly but most importantly, stimulate your skin and body’s natural resources.


Her unique training in skin care, massage therapy, cosmetic chemistry, anatomy, physiology, and herbal medicine makes for a truly dynamic approach to skin health. Her belief is that facial products should be safe, effective, sustainable, and enjoyable. In this fast paced stressful world she feels extremely grateful to have the opportunity to create a luxurious healing experience for her guests. The treatment room is truly her grounding space.